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     History Of Music

         Camp Series

Moncure-Haxton Music presents a most exciting summer music camp program now available to other music teachers.  Two Virginia piano teachers, Hunter Moncure and Sonia Haxton Tressler, have developed music camps on a variety of subjects in order to appeal to all piano students and teachers.


            The program enables the student to be immersed in the period being studied, including clothing, customs, food, and historical events.  All of the subject matter in the series has been tried and perfected over several years and can be adapted to all ages and levels of musicianship.  The series includes detailed information on the subject matter, ensemble pieces, listening analysis, composition, puzzles, games, and crafts.  There are also opportunities for students to earn prizes. The series includes student workbooks as well as a definitive teacher’s edition complete with all lesson plans that can be adapted to all ages and levels of musicianship, answer keys, recommendations on how to group students, sample letters to send to parents, recipe ideas, and all information needed for the camp to run smoothly and efficiently.


            This innovative music camp series has been presented at various professional music organizations as well as the MTNA National Convention in Salt Lake City, UT, and has met with great success and enthusiasm by other teachers across the nation.  These beautifully designed books also include color Includes color photographs of original paintings of the composers as well as historical buildings in Austria.



In this camp the students learn about the music of the Classical Period.  We study the compositions of both Haydn and Mozart, and the students learn to play both solo and ensemble pieces by these musicians.  We also learn about the history, customs, and food of the period.  We study German words and phrases that the students are encouraged to use in conversation during the camp.  We will compose our own music in the style of the Eighteenth Century.  The students will also have an opportunity to make their own white wigs that were worn during the period and they will design their own camp tee shirt.



This camp covers the Classical and the early Romantic Period of music history.  Beethoven was a bridge composer between these two periods, and the students will learn the importance he played in changing the rigid composition style of the Classical Period.  Students also learn the major differences in the music between these two periods.  They will have an opportunity to play both solo and ensemble pieces by Beethoven, learn a few German words and phrases, enjoy the food of the period, and compose their own music following the style of Beethoven.  We will also learn a few of the games that Beethoven loved to play, design our own thaumatrope (a favorite play toy of the period), and create a camp tee shirt.



In this camp the students are introduced to the ballet and the music of the Romantic Period.  The students study the music, including the ballets, of Tchaikovsky.  They have an opportunity to play both solo and ensemble pieces by Tchaikovsky.  They will also write their own ballet using his compositional style and design a camp tee shirt.  The students will learn the Russian alphabet and how to say simple words and phrases in Russian.  Besides studying the music of this period, we will study the customs, food, and history of Russia.



Music of the Twentieth Century can be educational as well as exciting.  In the History of Rock and Roll Camp we will study the music of America from 1950-1965.  The students will learn about the roots of this modern music, and they will learn how the social history during this time affected this music as well as how the music affected the social history.  They will play solo and ensemble pieces of the 50s and 60s.  The students will have a chance to write their own music using the compositions of the musicians of these decades as a guide.  They will enjoy the food of the time, and they will make their own camp tie dyed tee shirt.



In The Beatles Camp the students learn about the contributions that the Beatles made to rock and roll and especially to the recording industry.  Each day during the camp we will learn to play the music written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.  We will also learn about each member of the band, how they grew up and how the band was formed.  The students will have a chance to taste the food enjoyed by The Beatles, learn some unique words and phrases used in England, and compose their own rock and roll songs in the style of The Beatles.  Each camp member will design his or her own camp tee shirt.



Teacher's Edition:                                                                 $24.95 each

Teacher's Edition with purchase of 10 student books:         $15.95 each

              Student's Edition:                                                   $  9.95 each

Shipping will be added upon ordering.

Payments accepted:  Personal check, PayPal, Venmo.

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