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                                           LESSON STRUCTURE AND TUITION

Piano and guitar lessons are held once a week at your scheduled time.  

Private lessons:

  • 30 minute lesson: $120.00 per month

  • 45 minute lesson: $180.00 per month

  • 60 minute lesson $240.00 per month


Tuition includes 40 weekly private lessons per year.  For ages 6-18 it also includes 3 group lessons and two recitals per year. 


Lesson length is typically 30 minutes for a beginning student, and as the student advances the lesson length increases as needed to provide enough time for everything to get covered.

Regular, consistent practice and attendance is necessary for students to make progress and be successful. Learning to play an instrument takes commitment and patience.  Parent involvement and encouragement are an essential part of the teacher/student/parent learning triangle.  

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